The grown up version

I feel my Mid-Life Crisis coming on

It’s about time! I am beginning to feeMy future purchase - right honey?l the creeping beginnings of a full fledged mid-life crisis coming on. This is the crazy thinking that follows:

1. Look at all those pictures of the people I went to high school with. They look old. Do I look that old?

2. Can’t be that old. I just graduated high school yesterday.

3. My children are in high school. I have to be that old.

4. Umm. How about that? I’m grown up.

5. I’m grown up?! What the heck?!

6. Sigh. Guess that means I really am old.

7. Have I done everything I wanted to do before I got old?

8. Today’s music – I can’t understand what they’re saying. (Long pause.) Did I just say that?

9. Is that heartburn or a stroke?

10. This sucks – I’m not going to be old. Not me. Not ever.

11. I’m buying a convertible.


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