The grown up version

In a nutshell

I’m a professional in higher education who obsesses about doing things right the first time. As most higher education professionals in the US economy, my experiences tend to run the gamut of several traditional job descriptions. You just can’t pigeon hole someone who loves their job and the students they serve. I feel like I serve my community through my job at Midlands Technical College as an International Student Coordinator, Academic Advisor, Residency Coordinator and Admissions Counselor, in addition to my “regular’ job duties as Merit Admissions Coordinator. It makes my work exciting to have a variety of students in my office from day to day.

Initially, I went to college to become a reporter, and that was great, but I have to feed my family, too. My first job and by far my favorite, was at The News Leader in Royston, Georgia as their sports and feature reporter.

I tend to over-compensate for my ADHD personality through color coding, sticky notes, to do lists and calendars. I absolutely love office supplies of any kind.

My first love is my family. My intelligent, funny and good looking husband is in my thoughts often, as are my two brilliant and handsome sons, Cody (15) and Trey (10). Together, the four of us could easily solve the world’s problems, if the world would just elect us as dictators. At least that’s what we say.

I graduated from Emmanuel College in 1990; from the University of South Carolina in 1992 (GO GAMECOCKS!); and I’m currently in grad school at Liberty University working towards a Master of Arts in Executive Leadership.

My career goal is to take my varied experiences and create an out of the box way of working with students through the college Admissions and Advisement processes. One day I hope to create a new way of how United States colleges handle in-coming students.

In the event of a spare moment, you can find me working on geneaology, going to graveyards (seriously, I drive around looking for them), reading my Kindle (historical reading, usually), scrapbooking, or coaching my son’s Upward Soccer team. I loathe cooking, ironing and math. I also enjoy visiting historical sites, reading and performing stand up comedy.

So, with that kind of great life going on – why the subject of death? My blog is not about death – it’s about life.


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